In 2017, The Foundation released a research report, “Preliminary Assessment of Quality and Accessibility of Mental Health Services for Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse in Mumbai”. Supported by UNICEF, the report sheds light on the current state of mental health services available for survivors of child sexual abuse (CSA) in Mumbai.

The main aim of the research was to analyse the quality and accessibility of mental health support available for CSA survivors in Mumbai. Mental health professionals across the city, survivors of CSA as well as various other stakeholders such as the legal fraternity, child welfare committees, educators, academicians, police, medical fraternity, and other NGOs were contacted as part of the study. Over 60 mental health professionals, 19 survivors and 12 stakeholders from the child welfare committee, the police force, educational institutes, medical institutions and various NGOs participated in the study. Secondary data was collected from newspaper articles, published research journals, research papers as well as various statistics pertaining to Mumbai. The study also explored the possible gaps in the survivors’ expectations from therapy and therapy support practitioners offered. Challenges faced by survivors to access, seek and continue therapy were also tapped upon.

Read the entire report here.